Blended Learning Models Explained

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Blended Learning Models

An educational administrator based in Evanston, Wyoming, James Bailey is the co-superintendent of schools with Uinta County School District #1. James Bailey maintains a professional interest in blended learning models.

An educational framework based on personalized learning objectives, blended learning models combine aspects of face-to-face instruction with online education. Blended learning can take a number of forms based on the needs of students in the classroom. In the face-to-face driver model, individual students receive online instruction based on their specific needs. Classrooms using a rotation model have students spend time at different stations on a fixed schedule, while the online lab model involves 100 percent of instruction taking place online.

Schools make the switch to blended learning models for a variety of reasons. According to a study published by the U.S. Department of Education, blended learning models yield better academic results than more traditional models. Based on the resources available to a school, blended learning models can also save money.